Legal Information

Legal Information
All Registrations that NetPivotal registers for the applicable TLDs (Top Level Domains) are not effective until NetPivotal has delivered (when applicable) the required Registration information that you provide NetPivotal to the registry administrator (the "Registry") for the applicable TLDs and such Registry puts your Registration into effect.

You agree that NetPivotal is not liable or responsible in any way for any errors, omissions, or any actions by the Registry arising out of or related to your Application and receipt of, or failure to receive, a Registration.

NetPivotal does not accept responsibility nor does it make any warranty that the domain names(s) requested by the Customer will be accepted for registration in the register of the Naming Organisation nor will it be liable for any costs incurred by the Customer if the application for Registration is unsuccessful. The Company does not accept responsibility for any liability to third parties for breach of their Intellectual Property Rights in relation to the domain name(s) requested by the Customer.

The Customer should take steps to insure that their domain has been registered. Renewal of these domains remains the responsibility of the customer. Customers should take steps to note the renewal date of their domain name and ensure action is taken to pay for any renewal costs before the domain registration period terminates. NetPivotal will notify you 30 days prior to your domain renewal date, and unless you instruct us otherwise we will attempt to renew your domain names automatically, and take payment if applicable. NetPivotal accepts no responsibility for the renewal of domain names and subsequent loss of neither business nor related liability resulting in a domain name not being renewed.

ICANN Policy
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